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Hayden & Blue Streak SEMA Feature Vol 1

Watch as Ryan Kooiman upgrades the ignition system with a set of Blue Streak High Performance Race Wires to the #JeepCJ

Blue Streak Performance by Hayden Feature Vol 2

Watch as Ryan Kooiman continues upgrading the Jeep CJ just in time for SEMA! This week he installs the Hayden Rapid-Cool electric fan.

Blue Streak Performance by Hayden Feature Vol 3

This week Ryan installs a Hayden remote transmission cooler. This remote cooling system uses the most advanced stater fan design to evenly distribute air over the cooler surface. P/N 525 & 526.

Hayden's New Patented Transmission By-Pass Cooler

Hayden’s new patented internal pressure by-pass coolers allow the vehicle’s transmission to reach optimum operating temperature quickly by routing the fluid through the by-pass channel of the cooler until fluid temperature increases. This new design allows vehicles in colder climates to reach proper operating temps faster which improves fuel economy and helps reduce friction of internal components. Hayden’s internal pressure by-pass design incorporates an integrated valve that eliminates the need for external valves and additional plumbing at installation.

Blue Streak Performance Radiator Fan Motor Installation