EVC Troubleshooting

During engine start up, the EVC will engage and match engine speed for up to 3 minutes. This is considered normal and may last more than 3 minutes in cooler climates or at lower driving speeds resulting in fan roar. This condition will cease shortly upon disengagement. Additionally, you may hear an audible “clicking” sound when the vehicle is stationary. These conditions are normal and should cease once the fan clutch disengages.


  • Do NOT replace EV fan clutch unless a specific issue is identified by proper SI (Service Indicator / Check Engine) diagnosis
  • Do NOT replace an EV fan clutch for fan noise
  • Do NOT replace an EV fan clutch unless a specific condition related to the EV fan clutch is identified using SI diagnostics
  • If the EV fan clutch has a condition that warrants replacement, a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) should set and/or SI diagnostics should lead to the replacement of the fan clutch
  • Do not attempt to replace EV fan clutch without proper tools
  • Please refer to manufacturer requirements for proper tools and replacement