Transmission Cooler Combo Assemblies

A customized solution for compact spaces, providing cooling when you need it the most!

Blue Streak Performance by Hayden introduces two new remote mounted cooler combos featuring some of our most popular cooling components that create self-contained, compact cooling machines. Each unit comes completely assembled with powder coated brackets and high performance components for increased durability.

Transmission Cooler Combo P/N 527

Each assembly contains

8" High Performance Electric Fan - P/N 3660

  • Heavy duty, high performance four pole motor for increased output & endurance
  • Staggered angle, high velocity blades to maximize airflow
  • Molded stabilizer ring to reduce airflow by-pass

37mm HD Cooler- P/N 778

  • Patented baffle turbulation design cross directs fluid for optimal performance and peak cooling
  • High flow compact design allows increased heat transfer over 20,000 BTU/HR with minimal space required for installation
  • Pre-drilled brackets allow for easy installation
  • JIC male flare fitting (-12 AN) for maximum flow up to 5 GPM

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Transmission Cooler Combo P/N 528

Each assembly contains

12" Electric Fan - P/N 3910

  • IP68 waterproof and dust proof
  • Puller design
  • Compatible with all Hayden fan controllers

37mm HD Cooler - P/N 779

  • Patented internal turbulation for increased heat transfer and minimal pressure drop
  • High flow design allows increased heat transfer over 23,000 BTU/HR
  • Pre-drilled mounting brackets for easy installation
  • 37° JIC male flare fitting (-12 AN) for maximum flow capacity of up to 5 GPM

Hayden P/N 3655 digital fan controller varies fan speed based on your own custom temperature setting.  Click here for more information.