Radiator Fan Motor P/N 3855

High Performance Radiator Fan Motor P/N 3855

The Blue Streak Performance radiator fan motor for GM trucks and SUVs offers you the latest technology in performance engine cooling. The drop-in O.E. replacements utilize the O.E. blade, shroud and O.E. style connectors that eliminate the need to invest in expensive radiators or other modifications. Plug and play installation typically takes less than 30 minutes. Upgrade your cooling system and save money while protecting your truck's engine. 

Performance Specifications*

  • 25% increase in airflow
  • 150 RPM increase in fan speed
  • 15% increase fan motor HP
  • Heavy duty brushes
  • Increased windings
  • Heavy duty ball bearings construction

*Specifications based on dual fan motor replacement.

More Speed and Torque:

Blue Streak Performance radiator fan motors are engineered to improve upon the O.E. design for increased performance.

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