The DAWG Remote Transmission Cooling

Remote Transmission Cooling System

Our remote transmission coolers help keep temperatures down when ram air is unavailable. These coolers feature 10" compact, efficient electric fan mounted to our high performance cooler (P/N 525) or our plate fin cooler (P/N 526), ready for installation out of the box. 

Remote Transmission Cooling System

  • Remote mounts virtually anywhere
  • Keeps transmission cool under extreme conditions
  • Increases transmission life
  • Easy bolt-on performance
  • Powder coated aluminum brackets
  • Fan and cooler preassembled

The combination of a "high-flow" electric fan, and either a high performance or plate style cooler, gives every consumer one of the most economical and effective add-on cooling products ever introduced.

The DAWG can be manually controlled with an optional switch or by using a Hayden fan controller to provide automatic operation when cooling is needed. The unit is perfect for the every day consumer, or gives the experienced owner the ability to use installation parameters with very specific objectives.

Ideal for racing, motorhomes, off-road vehicles or light trucks and SUVs, this unit will provide added peace of mind knowing your vehicle's transmission is protected by the number one name in cooling products, Hayden Automotive.

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