Low Profile Fan Clutch

Keeping your classic car cool is critical and often times very challenging.

Performance add-ons easily push the power limits of engines beyond what stock cooling systems can handle. As a basic manufacturer, we recognize these challenges and have developed a solution with our low profile, heavy duty thermal fan clutch, P/N 2947. Sitting at only 2.7” tall, our enhanced design maintains the performance of the original fan clutch in a much smaller package, providing room for that thicker radiator for your V8 restoration project.

Did You Know?

A thicker 3 or 4 core aftermarket radiator is typically found under the hood of most muscle car builds. A thicker radiator typically encroaches on vital engine bay space, creating fitment issues where the stock fan clutch is too tall.

Electric fan setups can be taxing on electrical systems and often struggle to keep your vehicle cool, especially during low-speed cruises.